Sweet Tree Review

Summer 2017
Volume 2 | Issue III

Letter from the Editors



Loss of Mass  |  Steven Pan

After Seeing An Assemblage By Anita Boyle  |  Richard Widerkehr

Wandawoowoo Traces  |  Kenneth Pobo

Drying Tatami  |  Cassandra Farrin

Letter to My Sister  |  Jeanette Le Quick

Late One Evening  |  Ahrend Torrey

Before the Move  |  Gayle Kaune

The Broken World  |  Michael Albright

Written in Buttercream  |  Janice Northerns

One Year Removed, Here I Am  |  M.J. Arlett

(in the way of planetary motion)  |  Alexandra Kulik

Rhona’s Nighttime Story  |  Abby Chew

Seven Ways of Looking at the Line 'You Want a Piece of Me' from the 2007 Hit "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears  |  Jenna Jaco

There are No Eggs in a NY Egg Cream  |  Mary Leonard

This poem wants to be a pop song  |  Jessica Lohafer

Dear Marjorie  |  Tyler Raso

Windswept  |  Michael Albright

Altricial  |  Alison Gaines

Momentarily  |  Penney Knightly

The Recipe File  |  Marne Wilson

One Hit Wonder  |  Jessica Lohafer

at Mendocino  |  Ashley Kunsa

Calling the Glacier Vatnajökull on the Telephone  |  Robin Cedar

How I Am Born  |  Susan Leary

Fourth of July at the End of the World  |  Maya Wahrman

The Kitchen Wallpaper  |  Tammy Robacker

5 Months Pregnant  |  Deborah Bacharach

Photoshopping the Body  |  Carla Schwartz

Poem for First Loves  |  Demi Richardson

Failed Adoption  |  Cassandra Farrin

11-8-16  | Jenna Jaco



Sisters in the Woods  |  Avra Elliott

Swallow  |  Kami Westhoff

Exodus  |  Robert Perron

More About Mina  |  Steven Fromm



A Life in Chocolate  |  Dayna Patterson