The Broken World

Michael Albright 


It was warm as November the day the world broke

There was no school  but there was TV
& has been on all the time since the day the world broke

Who knew there would be so much to see  
so much happening in the broken world?

Every day the sky grows taller
trying to outrun the broken world
so hard to breathe in the air so thin

Everyday the holes dig deeper
& multiply  to make more room for the broken world

Stupid holes     Stupid sky

Now they have found me  alive & dying in the broken world

But they say there is nothing to worry about  

Tomorrow the broken world will dive into itself
like a glove turned inside-out & I'll finally see
what my fingers have been pressing
up against all this time

Tomorrow is the black van that drives past your house
Tomorrow needs no reason to knock on your door
Tomorrow is the father-thief

Never say I didn't tell you so

Tomorrow is the reckoning
Tomorrow wants paid for its time

Never say tomorrow
never comes



Michael Albright has published poems in various journals, including decomP, Rogue Agent, Stirring, Rust + Moth, Tar River Poetry, Pembroke Magazine, Cider Press Review, Moon City Review, and the chapbook In the Hall of Dead Birds and Viking Tools. He lives on a windy hilltop near Greensburg, PA. with his wife Lori and an ever-changing array of children and other animals.

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