Sweet Tree Review is a quarterly online literary and arts publication obsessed with ineffable connectivity.


A sweet tree does not have a single definition. A sweet tree is everything you need it to be and nothing you expect it to be.
A sweet tree is the inceptive – your earliest memory, the stain of blackberry juice, the cat you lost in fourth grade, your latest road trip postcard, the B minus on your thesis, the old lady that laughed at you kissing your boyfriend, the bus you waited for in the rain when you misread the schedule.
A sweet tree is the aftermath – the fireweed, the clink of soapy glasses after a funeral, the lights without the sirens, the 3:34 am phone call, the bustle of the hospital after the monitor stops, the thrum of helicopter blades over rubble, the exhale of a rescue dog.
Confront us. Endear us. Scare us. Sadden us. Show us things we don’t understand; things we didn’t know we wanted to understand.


Jesse Ewing-Frable
Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Jesse Ewing-Frable is an Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Sweet Tree Review. She graduated from Western Washington University in June 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She has previously worked as the Poetry Editor for Jeopardy Magazine. Her favorite writers include Louise Glück, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Joshua Beckman, Natalie Diaz, and Harper Lee. When she encounters writer’s block, she plays Tupac and eats kettle corn.

Hannah Newman
Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Hannah Newman is a founding Editor-in-Chief of Sweet Tree Review and an MFA candidate at Western Washington University. She has previously worked as an Editor-in-Chief for Jeopardy Magazine and a Literary Editor for Spindrift. She is currently at work on a collection of short stories about women, power, and botany. When she isn't writing or teaching first-year composition, you can find her indulging in expensive cheese, old books, and too many cups of coffee.



Elizabeth Vignali
Editor, Poetry

Elizabeth Vignali is an optician and writer in the Pacific Northwest, where she coproduces the Bellingham Kitchen Sessions reading series. She is the author of Object Permanence and coauthor of Your Body A Bullet. Her poems and essays have appeared in Willow Springs, Cincinnati Review, Mid-American Review, Timber, Tinderbox, The Literary Review, and elsewhere.


Elspeth Jensen
Editor, Poetry

Elspeth Jensen is in her senior year at Western Washington University. She will graduate this spring with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Women’s Literature. She loves animals (especially dogs and rabbits), art, and Emily Dickinson. In her spare time she likes to cook and bake, craft and paint.


Brian Bates
Editor, Non-fiction

Brian is a graduate of Western Washington University's Creative Writing program, focusing primarily on creative nonfiction. He tends to either be in the mountains or reading a book, often at the same time. When he is found in the real world, however, he is mostly pouring beer behind the bar while sweet talking strangers. Brian loves driving to far places. He also has an embarrassing tolerance (love?) for country music.
Don't tell his friends. 


Jessie Ulmer
Editor, Fiction

Jessie Ulmer graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Creative Writing and a fondness for fog. She has worked with Labyrinth and Jeopardy Magazine. Her hobbies include finding water and putting her feet in it. She writes eerie, dreamy fiction and wanders her way past writer’s block.



Maggie Samson
Art Director

Formerly the print designer for Jeopardy Magazine, Maggie is fascinated by providing tactile interactive experiences and exploring both the fusion and division of design and art. By day, she designs; by night, she talks to strangers for way longer than socially appropriate and gives new names to her neighbors' cats.