Nude Series IX: Self-Portrait

Alexandria Petrassi

                                               after Georgia O’Keeffe


rosewood hips float against the sky
      settle them on some ledge    let
some lines     weep into others

paintbrush loaded blue     loaded amply peach
landscape like cathedral
                                         body like landscape
more or less naked

pecan tresses        wetly lick neck
one breast nods to the left     pencil snap and both focus
body all        apple flesh    soft      sweet 

and jam blush cheeks        chill noon shadow stains
shoulder     feet walk through lapis           leave
toe prints behind     stiff back curves   cozy-up knees

some shape as woman at work
naked like single nerve       unused to heat after
all this water    color of bliss   color of blood kept private

there is force in apple flesh        I find 

no more
fortitude in floating     and     sleep long in the loam
lush mother

your time to ripple and grow glory
  so dapple              so dare
        this is your world too


Alexandria Petrassi studies poetry in the MFA program at George Mason University. She works as the Assistant Editor at "So to Speak", the editor-in-chief of "Floodmark", and a Digital Communications consultant. Her work has appeared in "The Seldom Review", on The American Writer’s Museum’s blog, and on Stillhouse Press’s blog, "Moonshine Murmurs". 

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