A Brief Dissertation on Absent Horses and Men

Megan Rose Gosney 


I like the natural twists and turns of Monday-morning bed-head. It is somehow more alluring             than lush shampoo-commercial-head, and each knotted kink feels real between teeth and comb.

Sometimes I want to tie roses in the knots so that it seems like flowers have bloomed from my         head. Yes, I know that I am broken and cannot be fixed—remember Humpty?—but I deserve             rose-colored hair.

I feel all too much and sometimes not at all, but I did feel the break. You took the easiest route;         you just stopped and I didn't. The momentum was too much, and I felt it. I cracked as I hit the           wall, porcelain-doll-skin smashing and shattering.

And, when I woke, I was a shell with bed-head and a vacant vase on the windowsill.



Megan Rose Gosney was born and raised in Southern California where outdoor-living and a creative-vibe inspired and encouraged her overactive imagination. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where she can be near the mountains, coasts, and rivers. Megan recently graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in English: Professional and Creative Writing. The written word is her preferred method of communication with which she commits her obsessions and thought-trains to paper. Megan aspires to become a published writer and dabbles in both fiction and poetry. 

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