Sweet Tree Review was born in a basement bar on a windy night in Bellingham, Washington. Two editors, nearing the end of their term, spoke of their love for their jobs, their desire to be given glimpses of lives they would never experience, emotions they didn’t know existed. They mourned the loss of a community they hadn’t left yet. They wanted more minutes, more stories, more breaths held tight until the last word. They decided to create something—a place for words, a place for stories, a place for connection. 

This place is new to us. We’re excited to witness the way your voices speak to each other, the way they speak to the world. We’re eager to see how your stories complement each other, how they contradict each other. We’re thrilled to be in a space that is undefined. We hope you’ll share in this with us—in the reading and writing, in the familiar and unfamiliar. 
We hope you’ll show us something new.

With warmth,

Hannah Newman and Jesse Ewing-Frable, Founders of Sweet Tree