What the Sky Looks like Before it Rains

Hanna Hupp


What did you think of me, wanting
you, my silent tongue waiting, always

wanting but
wanting was a language you couldn’t speak,

not then. Only with your eyes,
black and still, and still

you never told me, could never say
what you wanted, what you wanted 

when you wanted it.
Your wanting was a language I couldn’t speak.

Only the edge
that my eyes caught, that

black, still wanting
at that edgeless edge. Speak, I said, but you

commanded me to be silent, to look
Only. Still thing trapped

at the edge of languageless
nothingness, the darkest, most silent

thing. Please
Please just once 




Hanna Hupp is a student at Western Washington University, studying English Literature and Humanities. She has wholeheartedly embraced her adoptive home of Bellingham, and when she isn't reading and writing poetry, she spends much of her time finding ways to explore it on foot.

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