Sweet Tree Review

Summer 2019
Volume 4 | Issue III

Letter from the Editors



Pillars | Kevin Oberlin

Regret | Olivia Stowell

Backyard Bluebirds | Ben Groner III

Dumbo the Flying Elephant | Carol Everett Adams

Revising Cleveland | Sara Backer

from SWALLOW | Kristy Bowen

Cattle Egret | Mary Ann Dimand

The Land Indoors from the Deck of a Disney Boat | Carol Everett Adams

Jukebox of the Golden World | Alexandra Munck

from SWALLOW | Kristy Bowen

To Which We Are Going | Ben Groner III

Our Neighbors, on February 7, with a High of 63° | Abbie Kiefer

At the Buddhist Temple | Carol Alexander

Two-Pronged Attack | Cameron Morse

Reachings | King Grossman

Hive | Max Heinegg

The Reading Room | Carol Alexander

Last Flight Before the Burial | Cameron Morse

A Guy Planted Some Spruce Trees | Mark Trechock

City of the Signified: or, a Nocturne in Magnetic Currents | Evan Williams

Trouble On Space Mountain | Carol Everett Adams

from SWALLOW | Kristy Bowen

After Ovid | Evan Williams

Travel Plans | Cameron Morse

Smoke Break | Abbie Kiefer

Turnstile | Max Heinegg



Tidal Estuary | Amy Sisson

Apple Daughters | Evangeline Wright

Shivers | Evan Balkan

The Latter | Samantha Jones

The Far Shore | Misty Urban

Half Moon | Rayne Debski

The Coin Divers | Steve Carr

The Apartment | Arja Kumar

Norwegian Wood | Christie Cochrell

Recycling | Nina Adel

Good Children | Jessica Adams

Crumb’s Dream of Defoe | Katie McKy

And She Looks Up | Clark Lewis

An Abstract Feat | George Oliver

Twenty Two Seconds | Nick Sweeney

Cufflinks | Rebecca Pyle

The Carpenter and the Coffin | Bill Wetmore

Tetherball | Jensen Heike