Brian Bates


I’m an insomniac, 
and talk too fast. 
Sometimes, elephants have been known to stay standing after dying. 
Sometimes, I let the shower run out of hot water. 
I revise yesterdays. Sometimes, language should be sensual
and the internet shouldn’t work. 
Sometimes I miss birthdays. 
And the delete key. 
When the adults were at the dinner table, I’d throw open all the cupboards
to find dessert. 
Sometimes I wear a hat to hide my widow’s peak. 
I’m claustrophobic in silence. 
Sometimes you don’t love me after sex. 
Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t voted for George W. Bush
on a pull-out magazine ballot for second graders. 
This whole Iraq thing
might be my fault.



Brian Bates was once in another country and saw the northern lights while standing in a dumpster, holding expired pasta, at 3:00am. He thinks that's pretty alright.

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