Tim J Brennan


The world is round
is what they told him
but he lives near Iowa, 
doesn’t see it. 
It’s not like he’d walk
around the planet
anyway, a dot
on a creased map
wrinkled, each section
threatens to fracture, 
been folded so many times
creases have creases. 
It’s a languid stroll
winter, spring, summer, 
fall over one bridge
and back again, 
all streets seem to rush
themselves off to work, 
amble home to a tavern
and tangle back. 
A burn in the calf, 
a stab in the back, 
the lack of breath
in a journey, all
downhill now.


Tim J Brennan's poems can be found in The Original VanGogh's Ear anthology, Talking Stick, The Lake (U.K.), Green Blade, and other nice places. Brennan's s one act plays have been produced widely, including Chicago, White Bear Lake MN, Colorado Springs, and Milwaukee WI.

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