Trivarna Hariharan

after Safwan Khatib

I think of you inside
the muslin walls of
my forgotten home.

A white light swims
into my room
from the moon’s face.

From my window,
I see a woman walking her
dead gazelle to the sky.

Washing its memory
in starlight,
she folds into a prayer.

In the scriptures, there’s a word
for this, a name



Trivarna Hariharan is an undergraduate student of English Literature. She has authored The Necessity of Geography (Flutter Press), Home and Other Places (Nivasini Publishers), Letters I Never Sent (Writers Workshop, Kolkata). Her poems appear or are forthcoming from Alexandria Quarterly, Allegro, Birds Piled Loosely, Random Sample Review, Open Road Review, TXTOBJX, Vayavya, Café Dissensus, Red Bird Chapbooks, The Sunflower Collective, Quail Bell, Eunoia Review and others. She has served as the editor in chief at Inklette and Goodwill Ambassador for Postcards for Peace. She is the poetry editor for Corner Club Press. 

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