When the first bird calls of morning sound and the last of twilight leaves the sky, a quiet strength permeates the air. It comes through the exhale of a woman washing strawberries in her kitchen; from the gaze of a parent settling on a child who must be woken for school; from the stream of first headlights on an open highway. It comes from the mundane and small tasks that keep the world turning. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “We acquire the strength we have overcome.” The voices in this issue possess a quiet strength. A contemplative strength. A strength demonstrated in continuing. These stories are filled with people who are strong enough to move through a new day after sorrow. They have grown through their experiences, acquired grief and tragedy, but still maintain hope and joy. 

This issue has reminded Jesse and I to appreciate the stillness. It has reminded us to look forward. To carry our experiences within us and let them push us toward something greater. We hope that it will remind you that strength is not always loud, that quiet is not always empty, and that sometimes even the small things take courage. 

With daring, 

Hannah Newman & Jesse Ewing-Frable
Sweet Tree Review 


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