When we opened for submissions nearly two years ago, Hannah and I sought stories which would speak to the human experience—stories which would both reinforce and challenge what we know to be true. What we’ve had the opportunity to witness is the evolution of authors who are unafraid of their own voices, unafraid of sharing in times of tragedy, hate, and uncertainty—unafraid to share their words when it is most difficult to do so. They offer truths which make us uncomfortable—truths which make us unable to rest. These truths are visceral and brave. We feel them in our stomachs.

In the last one hundred days, it has been easy to consider retreat—easy to apologize, question, or settle for less than. The authors in this issue have continued to fight by refusing to compromise what they believe to accommodate the opinions of others. They remind us that we do not need to be remade or solved—that we are still made of good even when then the world is not.

Our hope is that this issue will be a reminder of resilience, of strength—a reminder that holding to what we believe is a battle which demands that we look to each other and reject fear. We hope this issue helps you acknowledge and accept difference; that this issue broadens your understanding of the human experience.


With warmth, 

Hannah Newman & Jesse Ewing-Frable
Sweet Tree Review