Into Spring

by GTimothy Gordon


Days finally lengthen into redundant Trade Winds’ light      
And sunshine, fervent March twilights, star-nights, 
As crocus and iris and violet pansy break open, levitate    
From seed and bud into dark scarlet, saffron, blue pearl lives,
Forever briefly beautiful, first flowers beneath spring’s first
Snow-Moon, dispatching ice, snow, draining absence
Like a vamp, infusing self and season in bold color with each
Nascent breeze before turning back to what each was before light
And color took shape, before regaling gods and men and latter-day
Divas and toffs with splashy hues, crowned with fragrant trilbies—
Poppy and lily, orchid, tulip, roses’ and lotuses’ trendy gravitas
All for the wonder of light and color and form—, all for Spring
No longer bare, blind, bloodless.



OPEN HOUSE (fictions) and an expanded edition of the prize-winning RiverStone Press poetry chapbook competition, EVERYTHING SPEAKING CHINESE, were published in 2015, while GROUND OF THIS BLUE EARTH and UNDER ARIES were published in 2012 and 2014, respectively. FROM FALLING is forthcoming, Spring 2016. Awards include National Endowment for the Arts & Humanities Fellowships and writing residencies, while several poems have been nominated for Pushcarts. NIGHT COMPANY was nominated for an NEA Western States' Book Awards. GTimothy Gordon divides personal and professional lives between Asia and the Mountain/Desert Southwest.