Fireworked Light

Alex Vigue


I dream of the first friend that I made
I dream of him as a lover
As partner
With hands like whole seashells
Common cockle clasped palms
Cerastoderma edule fingers
Pull me in

I dream of the first friend that I made
We throw rocks at our insecure selves
Pummeling our ugly pelts
He holds me while I’m sick
Wipes my firework-flushed face
He works the lights into clay
And builds us something beautiful
I wake before I find out what



Alex Vigue is a queer poet and storyteller from Washington State. Alex has been published in Phantom Drift, The Fem, and Witch Craft Magazine. He is the fiction editor for Dirty Chai Lit Magazine and he hopes to have a collection of his works published soon. You can find him and links to his other work on twitter @Kingwithnoname. 

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