Broken Epithalamium

Jessica Bixel


Girl learns scald before endure / before instinct a body
            vaguely in the half-light
snow in the shape of a small woman / mother

                          daughter / has there been some kind of death

             already or is this not yet the aftermath /
the wife of an unfaithful husband is just called wife
and Girl belongs to what breaks her

all those usual dangers / do you believe me yet 
                          Girl is the perfect weakness

                Girl is two dark geese against the wintering sky
 yet another loud ceremony of leaving / Girl will never make it home

the snow still graven and relentlessly blue / meanwhile the wife

                          pulling pearls from her throat
             and pearls from her wrist names each one daughter
asks, are you still a mother if everything you’ve made has gone?



Jessica Bixel is between some lines of latitude and longitude. She is a recent Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee and her work can be found in Best New Poets 2015, Whiskey Island, Wildness, and Grist Journal, among others.

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