Bass Fishermen
                                Are Anglers

Cassandra Dallett


He sits                                                           on riverbank

says nothing                                             

                                                                        baited line


Me I’m silver stripe 


                                                             big mouth 


                                   all flit               and flash

                            this way                 and that          catch me

I’m eager to bite                            jump hook       

                                                             and fight

lip gaff                                              gut drag             no release

He got me.                                       caught up again

                                    a snag in my hungry                       hungry heart



Cassandra Dallett lives in Oakland, CA. Cassandra is a two-time Pushcart nominee and Literary Death Match winner. She has published online and in many print magazines, such as Slip Stream, Sparkle and Blink, Chiron Review, Stone Boat Review, and Great Weather For Media. A full-length book of poetry Wet Reckless was released to good review from Manic D Press May 2014. In the past year she authored Bad Sandy (Lucky Bastard Press), Pearl Tongue (Be About It Press), The Water tWars (Pedestrian Poets Series), On Sunday, A Finch (Nomadic Press), and most recently Armadillo Heart (Paper Press) with MK Chavez.

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